Subscriptions / Fees

Borrowers can choose what loan category and loan type and amount they need to borrow/lease. provides general terms and conditions of a loan or lease, applications, documents and forms generally requested by lenders-all online. Borrowers will be able to choose from available lenders/loan officers, negotiate their request directly with the lenders-all online. The Subscription for a Borrower is:

Borrower Annual Subscription is FREE

Subscribing lenders are individual loan officers or lending officers of banks, credit unions, leasing companies, mortgage companies, SBA lenders, private lenders and other lending companies. A lender can subscibe to any or all of the six loan categories and choose any or the entire list of loan types within their subscribed loan category that they might want to make in their target market.

A subscription provides a lender a view of potential borrowers preparing applications within their subscribed loan category and loan types within a 25-mile radius of their target zip code. Borrowers choose from subscribed lenders and designate lenders that they authorize to Preview their credit request. Lenders who have been designated by a borrower and have agreed to the Privacy and Terms and Conditions will be able to review the borrowers full application package. Lender agrees to pay to a Success fee as described below, if lender closes a loan or lease provided by within nine months.

Lender Annual Subscriptions are $10.00 for Each Loan Category.

The Success fee is based on the face amount of the loan or the gross amount of the lease.

Loan / Lease Amount

Category < $1 million $1-$2 million $2-$10 million $10 million+
Business loans 0.90% 0.85% 0.80% 0.75%
Leases 1.10% 1.00% 0.90% 0.85%
Commercial Mortgage 0.85% 0.70% 0.65% 0.60%
Construction & Development 1.00% 0.95% 0.90% 0.80%
Other Commercial Loans 2.00% 1.75% 1.50% 1.25%

Government Guarantee Loan Programs

  Up to $500,000 $500,000 to $5 million $5 million +
Small Business Admin (SBA) 0.75% 0.70% 0.65%
U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) 0.75% 0.70% 0.65%

Effective: October 1, 2018 and subject to change